I’d like to share a sneak peek into my project I’ve been working on for quite some time, to create a series of books that visualize the stories in the Bible in a very real and exciting way. After many months of painting, this book will be completed in November. (release date announced soon). Now, what is it? It’s a book that can be read to kids, short stories, but really anybody can read and enjoy and take in the art that depicts these events as very much real. This will be the first in a line of many books, including the Old Testament.


About the Author Kyle Henry

I grew up in the Atlanta, Georgia area (small town called Lithonia to be exact) and started drawing at an early age. After high school, I entered the commercial art program at Pensacola Christian College. There I was able to work as an illustrator in the art studio of A Beka Book, where I worked for 3 years. After graduation I pursued a career of freelance illustration and continued learning my craft by studying with great artists and illustrators both past and present. I am fascinated by light and how it relates to edges and color. My goal is that each of my paintings capture the emotion of the subject, and not just the mere superficial facts. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if I can help in any way.


    1. I am wrapping up the last of the interior illustrations and layout, and then it will be a few months for printing. My goal is March/April release. I will post updates! Thanks! -Kyle


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