On this painting, the mood is everything. I have researched all the paintings of Elijah calling down the fire. Most have the angle set so you can only see about 20-30 feet or so in the air. We are missing so much. I want to be able to look up. I want to see the fire trail, how far. Where does it come from? I think that’s part of the awe of this miracle, and probably what scared the crowds. This was a big miracle.

For the process, I’m layering (in acrylic paint) and only in black and white at this point, although I will introduce color later on. I don’t want to transfer my drawing of Elijah yet as I would just cover it up with background paint.


About the Author Kyle

Kyle Douglas Henry (born 1974 in Atlanta, Georgia) is an american illustrator. He works in a realistic manner, usually in oils, in the tradition of the illustrators of the early 20th century. His work is characterized by strong, dramatic lighting and mood and visual story telling. Henry studied art at Pensacola Christian College under Brian Jekel, receiving a BS in Commercial Art in 1998. It was while in college, he worked as an illustrator for A Beka Book. Henry has completed illustrations for companies such as DaySpring Cards, Dicksons Gifts, Anchor Wallace, Barbour Books, JourneyForth Press, Howard Books, and Moonstone Books. His art is in the private collection of notables such as Kansas City Royals owner, David Glass.

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