Painting on Canvas

I have recently discovered the absolute joys of painting on canvas again as well as working with mediums such as blending and glazing mediums to improve the flow of paint. This just makes the paint flow and is a whole lot of fun for working wet on wet paint. I will place this 16”x20” canvas aside for a few weeks and let it dry before coming back and punching in some nice color and lights. I am also looking forward to taking some of these smaller paintings and tackling a really big canvas (for me anyway) of around 2’x4’.

I had turned to painting on masonite or MDF for super detail of smaller faces for the Life of Christ series that I had to do, but for landscape painting, nothing beats painting on a good canvas surface.


Painting Moving Things from Life

Mr. Molesly is a great big cat, and like most cats, he likes to nap. I have just enough time to capture a quick paint sketch in gouache paint (I used white, black, yellow, orange, and purple). He moved his head a few times, and when he would move,I would concentrate on painting other areas such as the tail or background until his pose was returned to the one I was trying to portray. All in all, I think painting from life captures the essence or spirit of the subject in a way that painting from a photograph never could.

Painting in Progress: Red Sea

This is the first pass for the distant water, and I will come back again and add more lights with a slightly blue-ish shade. At some point when I bring in some other color, that will be reflected in the water as well. This is a small section of the 24″x36″ oil painting.