Painting Moving Things from Life

Mr. Molesly is a great big cat, and like most cats, he likes to nap. I have just enough time to capture a quick paint sketch in gouache paint (I used white, black, yellow, orange, and purple). He moved his head a few times, and when he would move,I would concentrate on painting other areas such as the tail or background until his pose was returned to the one I was trying to portray. All in all, I think painting from life captures the essence or spirit of the subject in a way that painting from a photograph never could.

Painting in Progress: Red Sea

This is the first pass for the distant water, and I will come back again and add more lights with a slightly blue-ish shade. At some point when I bring in some other color, that will be reflected in the water as well. This is a small section of the 24″x36″ oil painting.