Painting in Progress: Red Sea

This is the first pass for the distant water, and I will come back again and add more lights with a slightly blue-ish shade. At some point when I bring in some other color, that will be reflected in the water as well. This is a small section of the 24″x36″ oil painting.

On the Easel: Elijah Painting in Progress

Happy Friday everyone. I’m having a lot of fun painting this picture. I painted the sky first, and will let it dry and will bring in some color later on, I then painted the fire trail, but left the alter and burning sacrifice behind the figure as I wanted to jump in and paint the figure, which is why that area is gray for now.

I’ve still got a long ways to go, and I can see the finished painting in my imagination, with the large crowds and all the prophets of Baal. I’ve got a lot of water and reflections to add to the foreground, which will be a lot of fun to paint, and will go out and brave the cold over the next few weeks to get the correct reflections of the water for reference. The holiday’s have turned what should be a 10 day painting into a month, but oh well!